Sotovelo 2022 - White Wine - 750ml - 12% VOL


SOTOVELO, a groundbreaking white wine from Palomino grapes, from Balbaina in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez.

Using the unique process traditionally used to create fino, we develop our wine for 8 months beneath a veil of flor (a light covering of yeasts) in wooden barrels, acquiring notes of almond and toasted bread along with saline and mineral undertones combined with the citrus, green apple and nectarine fruitiness of the Palomino variety.

A complex wine blends freshness with an umami/savory/saline profile and a dry finish thanks to its low sugar content (<1g/L); ideal with all Mediterranean cuisine, olives, matured cheeses, cured ham and seafood, or on its own.

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